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Re: Evidence of tying

  I don't know why it bounced....
  Please try again, I need to switch ISPs perhaps....
  claribba wrote:
  > I sent the following answer to Hans Reiser to reiser@richocet.net
  > The message was returned as undeliverable.  Maybe he can read it here?
  > >Hans,
  > >
  > >I posted a couple of messages refering to Cybermedia's First Aid 98
  > requiring MSIE & ActiveX to be installed in order for the programs to work.
  >  It is sent on the install CD, reads your hard drive, and if IE is not
  > there you must allow it to be installed.
  > >
  > >Is this what you mean?  My understanding is that no legal action can be
  > taken in my dealings with Cybermedia because no harm was done.  I simply
  > returned the whole package.
  Did Cybermedia act independently without inducement from Microsoft? If so, then
  there is probably no case.
  > >
  > >If I don't receive a refund...then I could take action.
  The refund doesn't affect whether your desired trade of purchasing both
  Cybermedia and Netscape was restrained.
  > >
  > >I hope you get some positive responses to your proposal.  Sounds like a
  > good idea to me.
  > >
  > >Claire Macdonald
  > >
    Best wishes,