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Evidence of tying

  I sent the following answer to Hans Reiser to reiser@richocet.net
  The message was returned as undeliverable.  Maybe he can read it here?
  >I posted a couple of messages refering to Cybermedia's First Aid 98
  requiring MSIE & ActiveX to be installed in order for the programs to work.
   It is sent on the install CD, reads your hard drive, and if IE is not
  there you must allow it to be installed.
  >Is this what you mean?  My understanding is that no legal action can be
  taken in my dealings with Cybermedia because no harm was done.  I simply
  returned the whole package.  
  >If I don't receive a refund...then I could take action.
  >I hope you get some positive responses to your proposal.  Sounds like a
  good idea to me.
  >Claire Macdonald