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Microsoft as IBM rebundled

  Tibor Machan wrote:
  > [From The CHicago Tribune, etc.]
  > Microsoft and Nanny Reno
  > Tibor R. Machan
  >         Here we go again!  About twenty five years ago it was IBM, now
  > it's Microsoft!  The Justice Department just needs to have its bogeyman!
  >         Any firm that is very successful in ...
  Yeah! I was in college when IBM was forced to "unbundle" the 
  compilers from it's operating systems so that other people 
  could write compilers and use languages other than what IBM 
  decided was good.  Being almost 30 years ago, does anyone
  recall or know the details of that case? The analogy seems 
  extremely strong and appropriate. We might still be using 
  FORTRAN, COBOL, or JCL otherwise.
  Robert Tufty
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