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Re: Petition, Proposal to create a map of our collective evidence of tying

  I would encourage Essential to do this work of maintaining the web page so
  that I can focus on writing my brief.  However, if they are too busy, I
  will do it.  Your petition is a good idea.  Do you have a few weeks time to
  do a good job of collecting signatures on the net, and publicizing it?  I
  will be happy to do the evidence of tying URLs part, and some of the parts
  of the brief I am working on might be useful as text.  I suppose we don't
  have time to get it ready for the Congressional hearings though.  Hopefully
  the essential guys will help us out, or even just do it for us?  I bet we
  could get a very large number of signatures over the net if you automate it
  with CGI scripts, and the Essential guys handle the publicity.
  John Gelles wrote:
  >         Subject proposal is an ambitious one. It may
  >         have to dovetail with what is already being done
  >         along its general lines:
  >         There is the actual brief on the evidence and
  >         law to compel MS to obey its consent decree
  >         that the Department of Justice now has and will
  >         eventually make public during its enforcement
  >         action.
  >         There is also this website,   http://www.essential.org
  >         that not only maintains web copies all our comments
  >         here but is tracking the whole Nader vs. MS appraisal.
  >         The above is not to say anything against subject mapping
  >         proposal. As I understand it, it is a good one.
  >         Thinking aloud, it might be nice to create, with
  >         the help of this List and the team at  essential.org
  >         a hypertext petition from citizens such as ourselves
  >         which had a main body demanding that MS cease
  >         and desist from stated anti-competitive practices.
  >         Below this common petition would signatures.
  >         Along with our signatures we would be invited to
  >         add URL's to supporting additional evidence and/
  >         or argument on the law and business aspects of
  >         the main petition. Conceivably,         these URL's
  >         could be moderated by the publisher (say,
  >         essential.org) of the petition.
  >         John
  >         John Gelles                   email  address: myturn@vcol.net
  >         http://www.myturn.org   ;    http://www.rain.org/~jjgelles/
  >         The Web addresses above pertain to an economic bill
  >          of rights.
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  > From: Hans Reiser <reiser@ricochet.net>
  > To: Multiple recipients of list <am-info@essential.org>
  > Subject: Proposal to create a map of our collective evidence of tying,
  > issues of law
  > Date: Sunday, November 02, 1997 10:56 PM
  > I wish to ask the members of this list:  do you have specific instances
  > of interface tying, or other tying, suitable for putting in the form of
  > an affidavit signed by you that could be used in court?
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