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US Sen Hatch on MS

   From Infoworld today:
   U.S. Senate committee to look at Microsoft's Internet influence
   Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, [...] during an interview with
  the Wall Street Journal published Monday.
   "Microsoft now has the ability to virtually annihilate any competitive product it
  wants by bringing it into the next version of Windows," Hatch was quoted as
  saying. "There's evidence that they are aggressively seeking to extend that
  monopoly to the Internet, and policy makers have to be concerned about it."
   "We're witnessing a historic technological revolution," Hatch was quoted as
  saying. "Congress has to strengthen the antitrust laws from time to time, and this
  could be one of those times."
  Sen Orrin Hatch is from Utah, home of Novell & whatever is left in Orem of 
  WordPerfect Corp.