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Re: Microsoft vs. Justice Department

  On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, John Gelles wrote:
  > 	But this List ought to hear only bona fide
  > 	opinion on the matter.  
  > 	General attacks on anti-trust law from  ill 
  > 	informed sources can be ignored.
  Well, yes they can be, so why fear them then? And why not let us discuss
  what constitutes an ill informed source regarding anti-trust laws?  Sweden
  has none, so perhaps all of the Swedes are ill informed?  And others
  countries?  Why not debate the matter instead of just leave it
  unquestioned as a kind of dogma?
          Or a 
  > 	moderator can be found to keep them off our 
  > 	air. 
  So then this is a list that really wants to hear only what its members --
  or the ones who are speaking out here so firmly -- already believe.  A
  "bona fide" opinion my foot -- what on earth is that?  Anyone's opinion
  that is honestly advanced is bona fide, right, wrong, confused, whatever.
  But if it turns out that the moderator of this list does not wish to hear
  opinions with which the moderator or others do not agree, so be it -- I
  believe in property rights and who have a right to control what is yours
  (contrary to what some on this list believe about Microsoft).
  Tibor Machan