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Re: Microsoft vs. Justice Department

  	I estimate that virtually all the recipients of this
  	List understand the false nature of arguments
  	against the anti-trust action to enforce its
  	agreement with MS, (wherein MS promised to 
  	compete fairly in the market.) 
  	It may be that MS will prove in court
  	that its attempt to choke competition, (by
  	forcing computer sellers who want to offer
  	its copyrighted Windows OS to also sell its
  	browser), is not in violation of its agreement.
  	But this List ought to hear only bona fide
  	opinion on the matter.  
  	General attacks on anti-trust law from  ill 
  	informed sources can be ignored. Or a 
  	moderator can be found to keep them off our 
  	air.  Unless I missed them, this is the first such 
  	attack on the suit and on the purposes of this
  	If the List receives many it will lose subscribers
  	like myself.  No great loss in exchange for free
  	expression?  Maybe.  But moderated Lists are
  	made for the reasonable needs of subscribers.  
  	The places for this kind of writing are numerous 
  	on the net. This is not one of them.
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  From: Tibor Machan <machan@chapman.edu>
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  Subject: Microsoft vs. Justice Department
  Date: Sunday, November 02, 1997 2:46 AM
  [From The Chicago Tribune, etc.]
  Microsoft and Nanny Reno
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