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Re: Microsoft vs. Justice Department

  ** Reply to note from myturn@vcol.net Sun, 2 Nov 1997 09:45:45 -0500 (EST)
  > General attacks on anti-trust law from ill 	informed sources can be ignored. Or a
  > 	moderator can be found to keep them off our 	air. Unless I missed them, this is the first
  > such 	attack on the suit and on the purposes of this 	List.
  There are many such attacks against the suit.  Virtually every computer magazine,
  computer trade journal and local newspaper computer section has run at least a small article
  about the suit, with most siding with Microsoft.  Look to PCWeek, LAN Times, NetWork World,
  PC World, PC Computing, Mac World, Hartford Courant, Providence Journal, Boston Globe, New
  York Times, San Jose Mercury, Chicago Tribune etc. They all disparage the Department of
  Justice & Janet Reno, while proclaiming Bill Gates out technological savior.  Microsoft is
  rallying it's mighty public relations\propaganda machine to stamp out all resistance to its
  efforts.  Not all the arguments are set forth, on-topic, in bold headlines.  Many are
  contained within articles about other MS products, or about internet access in general, or
  about the technological advances yet to come, etc.
  Look also to Ralph Nader's article on MSNBC's Slate online magazine, and Michael Kinsley's
  response.  I am sorry I did not keep the URL to pass on, but it was such a piece of drivel
  that it made me sick to my stomach (Kinsley's reply).  They account Ralph Nader and Janet
  reno as no threat whatsoever.
  We should be aware of the information the public is being given about this whole affair.
  Perhaps it is not proper to post the entire articles on this list, but perhaps a note
  regarding access points (URLs, newspapers, magazines, etc.) so that interested individuals
  can research the articles on their own . . .would be OK?
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