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RE: Microsoft vs Justice Department

  I am wondering what Tibor Machan would do if he had no choice but to buy
  everything from Sears...clothes, food, appliances, books, autos, etc.  
  Well, maybe there would be a couple of other options if you lived in a
  metropolitan area and knew where to find them.  
  This is what really gets to me, the future of computing.  Now there are
  still choices. [ Not so easy to find and implement if you live way out in
  the boonies like I do and have  little tech knowledge of computers.  Which
  is one reason why the members of this list can be so helpful.]
  A few months ago I investigated WebTV as an alternative to MS. HA!  Now
  they own it.  I once used First Aid 97 to fix Windows problems, the upgrade
  as I've mentioned before, requires Internet Explorer and ActiveX.  
  The problem is from my perspective, that your choices get narrower all the
  time.  What is a MS-free zone today won't be next month.
  Claire Macdonald