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Re: Microsoft vs. Justice Department

  Tibor Machan wrote:
  > [From The CHicago Tribune, etc.]
  > Microsoft and Nanny Reno
  > Tibor R. Machan
  >         Here we go again!  About twenty five years ago it was IBM, now
  > it's Microsoft!  The Justice Department just needs to have its bogeyman!
  >         Any firm that is very successful in making itself appealing to
  > millions of customers stands a good chance of getting nailed.  Some
  > aluminum giant the name of which I now forget (was it Anaconda?) had been
  > the victim of such harassment several decades back.  Now it is Bill Gate's
  > highly effective company.
  >         Never mind that there is nothing to worry about with Microsoft, as
  > there was nothing to worry about other companies that played by the rules
  > of the free market.  If a firm does not steal from or defraud others, if
  > it pays the wage it agreed to pay, if it practices no industrial
  > espionage, government has no business interfering with its operations.
  Get out your DOS 6.0 disks.  The disk compression program is STACKER.  DOS
  6.21 doesn't have disk compression (it was released by court decree) and
  6.22 which has the "much better" disk compression.  AND you paid for that
  upgrade.  MS lost it's case in court that it didn't steal STACKER
  technology and was forced to release 6.21, then it came out with 6.22
  which had it's "improved" disk compression.  Yeah right.
  Get your Windows 95 box out.  Read the minimum requirements.  It says
  Windows 95 will run on a 386 DX40 with 4MB RAM.  Although not a lie
  technically, it is a lie in reality.
  MS lost another legal suit that was brought about because of MS's
  VAPERWARE (You know, like NT 5.0 and Windows 98).  Seems MS announces
  products that don't yet exist with the soul purpose of keeping customers
  from trying other company products.  And, when they are released, there
  purpose is to arrange it so that others can't run their programs.  This
  would be the case of Windows 3.11.  Released so Windows programs wouldn't
  run under OS/2.
  Get that Windows 95 box back out.  It says right on the front that it is a
  32 bit Operating System.  It is neither.  It is a 16 bit operating
  environment that can run some 32 bit programs.  I can boot Windows 95 in
  my 16 bit DOS window under OS/2.
  If I started a company up and released a copy of an operating
  system/environment that crashed as much as Windows 95 (regardless if it is
  a user problem or not), do you think my product would be around long?
  I went to a large computer convention, MS was there telling everyone about
  IE 4.0.  When asked if it was JAVA complient and HTML 4.0 complient, the
  answer was "Yes, plus we have this and that feature".  In other words, NO,
  it is not!
  NT 5.0 claims it will have NDS (Network Directory Structure).  Well, ask
  them straight out, and it wouldn't be available till service pack 1.  By
  the way, NDS (Novell Directory Structure) has been available for years
  under Intranetware 4.11.
  I found out that I was "black balled" by Microsoft.  My story is that I
  brought Win95 to my place of work, but it didn't work as advertised and I
  wasn't afraid to speak up.  MS came months later and tried to sell us on
  MS Mail and NT (what a joke that was).  Although I didn't have anything to
  do with their trip (another branch handled it).  They apparently told MS
  about my dislike for the company.  Months later, I'm doing business with a
  company across country, when my sale rep asks me what I'd done to MS. 
  Seems their MS rep was telling them about this stupid anti MS person (ME).
  and how I was hurting my company.
  I forget the conference, but it had the word Windows in it's title.  The
  keynote speaker was from IBM.  MS told the them to can IBM or MS would sue
  because they had "Windows" in the conference title.  "Windows" rates up
  there now with "Kleenex" or "Coke".  They have become synonimous with a
  type product, vice the product themselves.  I still love to see "Will run
  on DOS or Windows" -- Windows IS DOS (as Windows 95 is).
  Anyways, this is your "Nice" company.  Your company that doesn't lie,
  cheat, or steel.  By the way, have you seen the movie "The Net"?  Who do
  you think that movie was about?  "Gate Keeper" software, Company owned by
  a young Billionaire, etc.  Watch it again, and see what can happen if one
  company (AT&T, IBM, or MS) get too big.
  Paul Ingels
  Black Balled By MS and Proud of it