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Re: Microsoft vs. Justice Department

  Sounds like a lot of folks here just do not like it that they didn't get
  in the game early enough and had the support from the public as those who
  did.  Now I am not an expert on all the details but even reading through
  the complaints all I can detect is disgruntlement at -- not any bona fide
  cheating, deception, coercion, etc., on the part of -- Microsoft.  Court
  cases do not count in my book because the law is completely corrupt as far
  as dealing with market competition is concerned.  People are convicted of
  loan sharking, for example, and that is no real crime at all since it
  means no more than charging high interest in a risky venture.  People are
  convicted of prostitution, which also is no real crime.  Anti-trust
  rulings, in general, have nothing to do with real crimes but with belly
  aching that politicians and their appointees cater to.
  Tibor Machan