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Re: Microsoft vs. Justice Department

  Tibor Machan wrote:
  > Now I am not an expert on all the details but even reading through
  > the complaints all I can detect is disgruntlement at -- not any bona fide
  > cheating, deception, coercion, etc., on the part of -- Microsoft.  Court
  > cases do not count in my book because the law is completely corrupt as far
  > as dealing with market competition is concerned.... Anti-trust
  > rulings, in general, have nothing to do with real crimes but with belly
  > aching that politicians and their appointees cater to.
  Can anyone think of another way to parse this statement besides: "I am
  ignorant of the operant facts and openly contemptuous of the law and the
  This is a nation of laws, and no less an authority than Bill Gates
  himself has said "We'll do whatever the court says we have to do, that's
  how business is done in this country."  
  Now perhaps your sentiments were better expressed by Microsoft's own
  Steve Ballmer ("To hell with Janet Reno!") but it seems to me that, in
  the face of such stark admissions as you have seemingly made, that one
  must naturally ask why anyone should *care* what you think of
  Microsoft's business practices, sir.