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Re: Microsoft and Adobe

  Tom L. wrote on 10/30/97
  >I worked
  >for two companies that, it appeared to me, were harmed by
  >Microsoft's unfair business practices.  One was was Northstar
  >Computers and the other Borland International.  (I am a retired
  >software engineer, not a lawyer, so my use of the word "unfair" has no
  >meaning beyond its common, everyday use).  It looks to me
  >like a third company I once worked for, Adobe Systems, may be
  >facing similar trouble soon.
  Tom ..after all this time, I keep going back to this comment about Adobe,
  since I'm a graphic designer and use Adobe-ware almost exclusively ...
  Is Microsoft stalking Adobe? Que pasa?
  Heather Wimberly Beech,A.I.A.
  Wimberly Architects
  Green Rose Design