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Re: Webcast Strategy

Audrie Krause wrote:

What I had in mind was more along the lines of a Real Audio broadcast of the
conference, so people could hear the speakers, and perhaps some arrangement
for people to send in questions by email.  I don't have any thoughts at all
about which commercial entity could do it, but MSNBC and Ziff Davis are
Microsoft investments, so I doubt they would be good choices.

I have no idea what the essential.org web site can handle, so perhaps
Caroline, or Jamie Love, could determine if anything can be set up through
the site they already have for the conference.


Let's see what Essential.org has planned already, both in terms of getting their own message out, media coverage, and "live" broadcast rights.  If the goal of the conference, as stated in Nader's invitations to Gates and Vice-President Al Gore, is
"to have a serious, coherent and consequential conference that will lead to greater public understanding 
  of the trends and the issues that will affect business and the general public as you wrote about in The 
  Road Ahead.”
then the "webcast" strategy will be central to maximizing the conference's effectiveness.  I'm eager to hear from Essential Information and hope others voice their opinions and contribute their expertise on this issue, too.

Bill Wendel
The Real Estate Cafe