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SUMMARY of Summary

  At 12:12 PM 11/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >Somebody needs to moderate this list, if only to keep the subjects
  >descriptive of the message contents.
  >So far, we have had ...
  <Big Snip>
  After reading the "Summary" message by Mr. Behrman and several of 
  the replies, I have several observations.
  First, after being around for the christening of several newsgroups,
  Fido, I--net and list-serve, it is typical that the messages seem to
  be in disarray until a central theme emerges which tends to guide
  the flow and content of the posts. This will not happen any faster
  with a moderator so I prefer to wait and see how the discussions
  develop. If it becomes a flame fest, I'm sure a moderator will be
  provided by the list owner. Unless that happens, I'm content to let
  the discussion evolve in its own time.
  Second, if the meetings are to be of value, I certainly hope to see
  what is referred to as  "impecunious geeks" in attendance. They are
  the folks that will bring the original ideas AND the information
  required to show that realistic alternatives exist. 
  Third, let us all remember that persons such as Mr. Behrman are a segment of
  the population that we are trying to reach with the 
  information that there are viable alternatives to the MS-everywhere
  mindset. Regardless of the fact that we know the alternatives are
  |-viable, -easy to use, -easy to install, -whatever your point,|
  bear in mind that most of American society, from clerk to corporate
  head, does not have the free choice mindset and will not realise
  that what they have always known may not be the only alternative.
  Thus hard facts must be accompanied by gentle persuasion to avoid
  closing the listener's mind. If we jump on an incorrect statement
  forcefully, the person might take it personally and become defensive.
  Fourth, as with most newsgroups that discuss alternatives to Microsoft,
  there will be a few MS zealots here to attempt to derail any meaningful
  discussion. They can easily be debated or ignored as you wish but
  as long as we challenge their FUD tactics with facts, they will be
  I'm sure there will be a few debates forthcoming but I'm sure we 
  can avoid a holy war while promoting the "free choice" concept.
  Ken Hamlett