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Re: Microsoft and Adobe

  Lot's of good stuff to read this morning.  I especially liked
  Paul Ingel's comments about Windows 95.  Further evidence
  that at Microsoft, quality is job 1.1.
  Beth...  I made the comment about Adobe because I heard
  a few of Job's comments at the Seybold conference.  (It was
  rebroadcast in the SF Bay Area by KPFA)  At one point he
  said something like this:  "We looked at it and saw that Microsoft
  and Apple are 100% of the desktop market".
  Unless you have some alternatives to Windows and Apple,
  the browser desktop? NC?, to keep diversity in the market I think
  Adobe has a problem.  MS writes the OS, the
  compilers, the APIs, and then Adobe and MS application
  groups  write the next versions of PageMill and FrontPage.
  The good news is that Adobe is crawling with smart people who
  build neat things, so they'll figure out something.
  Tod Landis
  Some Adobe products
  Beech Family wrote:
  > Tom L. wrote on 10/30/97
  > >I worked
  > >for two companies that, it appeared to me, were harmed by
  > >Microsoft's unfair business practices.  One was was Northstar
  > >Computers and the other Borland International.  (I am a retired
  > >software engineer, not a lawyer, so my use of the word "unfair" has no
  > >meaning beyond its common, everyday use).  It looks to me
  > >like a third company I once worked for, Adobe Systems, may be
  > >facing similar trouble soon.
  > >
  > Tom ..after all this time, I keep going back to this comment about Adobe,
  > since I'm a graphic designer and use Adobe-ware almost exclusively ...
  > Is Microsoft stalking Adobe? Que pasa?
  > Heather
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