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Re: MED-PRIVACY digest 140 -Reply

  Alan,  good points!!!   I don't hear this enough either. I am afraid
  that  information privacy freedoms are already lost.  Tho we in the
  forum don't claim to own another patient's information, that patient
  doesn't own it either--especially to the extent of sole control of
  what happens to it.  The organization which houses the info has
  ownership and control.
  John Pounders
  >>> Alan Lewis <ahlewis@scsn.net>  8/8/96, 04:59pm >>>
  All of you, please listen!  You DON'T OWN that information!  You have
  no  independent right to dispose of it in any way whatsoever without
  the  patient's specific consent.  Try to step outside of the context
  of  liability and profit.  Look at the matter as a citizen in a
  nation of  free people.  I am neither a right-winger nor a
  left-winger (whatever  that means), but I do see clearly that without
  privacy, there is no  freedom.  I'm terrified at how seldom the issue
  is referred to in this  list.  I appeal to your consciences.
  Alan Lewis
  Teacher & Librarian ahlewis@scsn.net