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Re: Fwd: MED-PRIVACY digest 140

  States that have adopted a uniform statute in this area provide for just
  what you seem to be advocating, although the uniform statute is otherwise
  peter marshall
  On Sat, 10 Aug 1996 METRA1001@aol.com wrote:
  > You are DEAD WRONG on this one. I often agree with you, but 
  > last year, I got copies of MY medical files, and found mis-information,
  > incorrect information and more than a few outright LIES in my
  > files. Sorry, but this lame excuse doesn't cut the mustard. A LIE 
  > is a LIE, whether it covers the doctor's rear or not. 
  > No one has the right to lie in a medical file, especially if it is
  > to be widely disseminated, or misrepresent matters, or pass
  > along faulty information. The provider AND the storer of such
  > information in assuring information is accurate. And a patient
  > MUST have the right to correct misinformation and falsifications.
  > Particularly in an era of wide area computerized databases, and 
  > Especially if it could cost the patient a job, or insurance down
  > the line, when misinformation is taken at face value as totally
  > truthful.
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