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  Enough argument about who does and doesn't own the medical records.
  This has been going on, intermittently, for a long time now.
  Let's just settle on it:
  The legal fact of who owns the record, and or what it contains, is not a 
  settled issue, except locally.  IF we agree that the patient should own 
  this information, that the record *is* this information in a particular 
  virtual "container" held by a particular party, and that said party must 
  have some responsibility for protecting that container as long as it 
  holds information on someone else, that's great.  
  What do we DO about it?
  Can't we move from an endless Usenet-like "discussion" and get to the 
  point: tactics, strategy and action?
  If we don't even agree on what a record is, on whether health care 
  providers and other record-holders should be responsible for security, 
  and/or on whether all is or isn't right with the system, what's the point of 
  this list?  To what end are we burning time and energy here?
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