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Re: revealing birthdate for RX

  On Mon, 8 Jan 1996 keltic@electrotex.com wrote:
  > Supreme Court decisions?
  > SSN FAQ's
  > Isn't this a getting a little away from this ladies problem?
  Yes, because she indicated pharmacist already had her SSN.
  > This lady doesn't want to have to state her age outloud for all to hear in a 
  > pharmacy.
  I agree with her position, and see no reason for the pharmacist to insist
  on her age or dob, especially when it is not required by law.  
  I carry an official fingerprint card (the original) and when someone
  REALLY challenges my ID, it is available.
  > I apologize to all those citizens who have become victims of our b'crates BS, 
  > but after all the government IS the people and only the people can change it.
  Agree.  And one way to change it is to resist demands such as made on dob
  when it is not necessary.  If pharmacist wants her to sign for the Rx,
  then so be it.  The pharmacist is not a police officer and there is
  adequate case law on the books to discourage folks from obtaining
  scheduled drugs when they ain't supposed to.  It is none of the
  pharmicist's business what here age or dob is.  He.she needs to focus on
  the pharmacy laws of the jurisdicition in which he.she practices,
  accurately prepare the medication and dispense it when a properly licensed
  individual has properly prescribed the medication.
  Agree that if she wants to cave-in to the request for her dob, then your
  option is the best way. 
  If she wants to do a Rosa Parks and challenge the request on its face,
  then she should be armed with the case law furnished her by others so she
  can do a good job of challenging.
  {At times in Ohio a pharmacist will claim he.she MAY not furnish a
  hypodermic needle/syringe assembly with out an Rx, because it's the law. 
  Bull; 'tain't so.  (Of course they may require purchaser to sign ledger
  with name, address, and proposed use)}
  James D Brady, Columbus, OH