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TRW's Treasury Department Contract

  Sunday's Washington Post (1/7/96) made interesting reading for those of us
  snowed-in.  TRW's running an oversize display ad looking to hire people to
  help TRW "manage, operate and maintain"  a communications system for an
  important client -- the United State's Treasury Department.  The ad seeks
  professional network software development and design managers, et al. to
  help TRW create the Treasury Communications System (TCS), to enhance
  Treasury's existing Consolidated Data Network (CDN) -- "already the largest
  secure, private, wide-area communications network in the civil government, "
  according to the ad.  TRW's oversize display appears under the 7" headline,
  "We're helping the Treasury Department control the flow of their most
  valuable asset.  Information."  Nice.  The first paragraph of the ad reads,
  "There's more to the Treasury Department than dollars and cents.  From the
  IRS to the Secret Service, the ATF to the Customs Service, it has many
  missions.  And the communication of information is critical to all of them.
  So when they needed help creating the Treasury Communications System (TCS),
  a system which will give the department superior access to information
  resources well in to the next millennium, they turned to TRW."
  Anyone else catch this ad? Comments? Gave me the willies.
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