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Re: revealing birthdate for RX

  Supreme Court decisions?
  Isn't this a getting a little away from this ladies problem?
  This lady doesn't want to have to state her age outloud for all to hear in a 
  pharmacy.  OK, we don't need an act of Congress to get this solved (the 
  president would veto it).  
  I respect your privacy needs madam and I have a suggestion, I would offer the 
  pharmacist a drivers license or some other form of ID with your birthdate on it.
  Another alternative would be to write a note and keep it in your purse stating 
  that you "require your privacy to be respected and here's the birthdate."
  I apologize to all those citizens who have become victims of our b'crates BS, 
  but after all the government IS the people and only the people can change it.
  Ron McCandless