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  I noticed someone mentioned Bellcore a while ago; this might be of interest:
                                 Seattle Times
                             Bellcore Sold By RBOCs
                             (11/19/96; 1 p.m. EST)
                            By David Braun, TechWire
        Morristown, NJ -- Science Applications International Corp. said
     Thursday it has agreed to purchase Bell Communications Research, Inc.
          (Bellcore), the global provider of communications software,
      engineering, and consulting services currently owned by the Regional
                           Bell Operating Companies.
         The transaction is expected to be finalized in late 1997 after
     Bellcore's owners, which include Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth,
      Nynex, Pacific Telesis Group, SBC Communications, and U S West, get
           regulatory approval. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
         Bellcore, formed in 1984 as a research and engineering company
         supporting its seven owners, has become a leading provider of
         communications software, engineering and consulting services.
      Headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, it has 5,600 employees and
                     annual revenues exceeding $1 billion.
      Bellcore's owners indicated last year they were considering selling
            the company as a result of changing developments in the
      telecommunications industry and the owners' diverging strategies and
                                business plans.
       Announcing the decision to buy Bellcore, SAIC Chairman and CEO J.
      Robert Beyster said: "We envision serving new markets where our two
      companies can combine their considerable skills. These include large
     software projects, advanced network designs, secure networks, Internet
          technologies, wireless communications, and other advances in
              telecommunications software systems and technology."
      Marty Kaplan, President - Network Services Group, Pacific Bell, and
      spokesperson for the Bellcore Board, said: "During the 13 years that
          we have owned Bellcore, we and our customers have benefited
     significantly from its in-depth understanding of emerging networks and
     technologies. Our companies look forward to continuing to do business
        with Bellcore as it embarks on the next stage of its successful
                 evolution as a fully commercialized company."
      Kaplan added that, to support their commitment to national security
       and emergency preparedness, the RBOCs will be forming the National
        Telecommunications Alliance (NTA), which will be headed by Larry
                                 Schumann. end