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Re: Another Point Of View (Round 2)

  John Babbitt writes:
  >Hmm, the only thing holding me back from ordering ISDN line is the high   
  >monthly cost for heavy-usage.  A nailed up line in Oregon would cost a   
  >bit over $1900/month.  So, if US West Communication offers me a $30/month   
  >unlimited ISDN line, I'll grab it, that's for sure.  In California,   
  >they're lucky to have such luxury for $28/month.  Right now, I nearly   
  >nail-up an old analog line for $20/month.
  I'm with you, John.  My second phone line is in use about 16 hours a
  day at 28.8, and with the aid of a few software tools (I run my
  own proxy caching web server on my end to cut down on HTTP traffic)
  I'm doing just fine.  Sure, I'd like more bandwidth, but the per-minute
  charges plus the horror stories I've heard concerning getting ISDN
  set up have turned me off.   (Though I did save Bill Frezza's article
  from, what, PC week?  Network World? about getting ISDN, since he and
  I live in the same area.)  At this point, I'm willing to wait to
  see how the 56K modems settle out before taking a chance with ISDN.
  It's a shame, really; ISDN came along at a time when I thought 9600 baud
  modems were hot stuff, and if the connection charges were anything
  reasonable, I'd have jumped on it.  But now...well, I'm willing to
  bet a quarter that they get overrun by modem technology.  Or wireless.
  Or cable modems.  Or *something*.
  Rich Kulawiec