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RE: Another Point Of View (Round 2)

  Bill Frezza (frezza@interramp.com) wrote:
  > for the info have-nots <g>.) The biggest long term threat is that we   
  > get facilities based competition and have to live with a regulated   
  > and all of this unproductive lobbying forever because folks like the   
  > create an economic environment inhospitable to potential competitors by
  > setting mandated rates too low (which will also have the side effect of
  > slowing down the rollout of ISDN even further).
  Hmm, the only thing holding me back from ordering ISDN line is the high   
  monthly cost for heavy-usage.  A nailed up line in Oregon would cost a   
  bit over $1900/month.  So, if US West Communication offers me a $30/month   
  unlimited ISDN line, I'll grab it, that's for sure.  In California,   
  they're lucky to have such luxury for $28/month.  Right now, I nearly   
  nail-up an old analog line for $20/month.  Why nearly nail-up?  Because   
  my wife, myself and my two kids all use it, so the hours add up pretty   
  much.  Lots of graveyard downloading occurs as well, since they're less   
  disruptive to everyone during day use.  I would estimate about 16 hours a   
  day comes out of it, so 16x30=480 hours/month usage.  Well, we don't   
  watch TV much, OK? :-)
  John E. Babbitt, Jr.
  Systems Administrator
  Cutler & Company, LLC