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Re: Another Point Of View (Round 2)

  Far from the spectrum auctions favoring innovation and broadly beneficial
  new technologies, by forcing the spectrum into the richest hands the
  opportunity for entreprenuers was swiftly killed.  It was understood by
  most people involved that "free-market" ideology actually favored the
  largest players -- until this recent batch of cyber-libertarians flew in to
  take roost.  The "Cyber-Power" which Peter Huber talks about in the latest
  Forbes is simply multinational and financial speculator power dispite his
  disingenous attempt to cloak it as consumer choice.
  Regulations and, indeed, trade barriers are needed to curb that inevitable
  concentration -- today perhaps more than ever.  PCS is just another of
  those speculative bubbles and it is virtually certain to collaspe --
  further concentrating the power of the duopolists in the process.  How many
  times do we need to relearn the same painful lessons?
  Mark Stahlman
  New Media Associates
  New York City