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NYT's contract to read their pages

  Chris Wysocki wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:
  >As you read this extract of the agreement you must 'sign' to use
  >http://www.nytimes.com, ask yourself why the 'little people' must
  >sign away their assets to protect the big people -- the New York Times?
   CW>     The New York Times is still responsible for what they
   CW> "publish" on     the web.  You are responsible for what you
   CW> "publish" on the web. 
  The common law of libel assigns joint and several liability to all who
  participate in publication.  The traditional example is that the newsboy is
  fully liable, jointly and severally, with the editor.  If I hand you a copy of
  the New York Times, or even summarize an article, this may be construed as
  "publication" by me within the common law of libel.  I think that the New York
  Times is trying to anticipate claims of this nature.
  -- Mike