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Major change in Pac Bell application

  I just received Pac Bell's written witness statements in support of their
  ISDN rate increase application.  One of the witnesses, Tom Bayless,
  introduces a little surprise.  When asked if there will be any modifications
  to the Application, he replies:
  "Yes.  The application was filed on December 5, 1995.  On march 13, 1995 the
  Commission released its resale decision in I.95-04-0944 which moved ISDN
  services to Category II (D.96-03-020, p. 27).  Under IRD, each rate element
  of a Category II service must equal or exceed the LRIC for that rate element
  (D.94-09-065, Conclusion of Law 152, p. 327).
  As a result, Pacific Bell proposes to raise the monthly recurring charge for
  ISDN service by $8.00 per month and, in return, we will _not_ increase the
  usage rates."
  I have been trying to reach one of the Pac Bell attorneys who can interpret
  this and answer the crucial question of whether they also plan to remove or
  modify the 20 hour cap on free residential local usage.  I spoke to one
  person who didn't think so, but I don't yet have any official word.
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