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  The question of residual VCM may be affected by the kind of testing 
  done, according to one study:
  ATSDR put out this notice:
  "How Much Vinyl Chloride Is in Drinking Water:  Minnesota Study Finds 
  that Holding Time May Affect Test Results"
  Richard  Soule, Daniel Symonik, Doug Turgeon, Minnesota Department of 
  Health, 121 E. 7th  Place, St. Paul, MN  55101
  "Minnesota investigators report that current guidelines for water 
  testing could result in underestimating the concentrations of vinyl 
  chloride.  The U.S. EPA recommends that water samples be analyzed for 
  vinyl chloride within 14 days  of collection.  However, anecdotal 
  reports suggest that water samples analyzed immediately after 
  collection have consistently higher vinyl chloride levels than 
  similar samples held for longer periods.  A study conducted by the 
  Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) confirmed the reports."  ... 
  "The study raises the possiblity that the practice of holding water 
  samples for even a small portion of the 14-day interval could result 
  in an underestimate of the concentration of vinyl chloride in the 
  water and the health risk to people who consume the water."...etc.
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