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RE: (Fwd) Re: Vinyl Chloride Odor

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  >I think the questions posed by  Jon were fine, but the statement about
  >chosen profession and objectivity were a bit of a slam on Bill. 
  The same comment about objectivity could be made about those people whose
  research is sponsored by environmental groups.  They can be subjected to
  exactly the same pressures by their paymasters as those sponsored by
  industry. It is one of the biggest problem that has come out of the
  privatisation of scientific research. In the days when the state funded
  research then it stood some chance of being impartial. These days the
  science is now adversarial which leads to a division of views not a
  consensus. How can politicians and others in the legislative process make
  any decision when the scientists who inform them are unable to agree.
  > I don't think that all people in the chemical business are bad and a
  >like that slams some very environmentally concerned people just because
  >they work in a field that produces some of the very chemicals and
  >supplies that we all use daily.  These compounds may be bad in the
  >environment, but without plastic, I would not be able to type this into
  >my plastic keyboard.    ....snip
  Which is probably made of PVC and depending on were it was made may well be
  Computer monitor housings and Keyboards are just one example of closed loop
  recycling of PVC back into the same product.
  Pete Thomas
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