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major vcm spill

  Recall that there was one of these last year (that time it was  
  perchloroethylene and not vcm) in the Gulf of Mexico in a prime 
  shrimping area.
  Capsized Thai tanker off Nagasaki believed to have- NAGASAKI, Nov. 23
  (Kyodo) -- A Thai-registered chemical tanker which  capsized off Tsushima
  Island in Nagasaki Prefecture, southwestern Japan  on Saturday, is believed
  to have sunk in the sea, the Maritime Safety  Agency said Sunday.     There
  is no sight of the 1,684-ton Apanchanit 5 in the surrounding  area,
  although a thin film of oil has spread in an area about 22
  kilometers away from the site where it capsized off the town of
  Kamitsushima on Tsushima Island, agency officials said.
  The slick is about 1.8 km long and 30-50 meters wide, they
  said.     All 15 crew members, most of them Thai, were rescued
  by an Air Self-Defense Force helicopter Saturday.
  The tanker was carrying 1,500 tons of vinyl chloride monomer,
  but none of this has been found in the sea, the coast guard
  officials said.     The Thai tanker left Tokuyama port in
  Yamaguchi Prefecture, western  Japan on Thursday afternoon for
  Chinhae, South Korea.
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