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Re: more questions about VC monomer and PVC

  1)  Predates me by a couple of years, but I think it was accomplished by
  2)  Hard to say, but significantly (a couple of orders of magnitude anyway)
  higher.  Prior to the knowledge about angiosarcoma people didn't measure it.
  3)  Current technology operates smoothly to produce resin at about 1-2 ppm
  VCM, and can be below that.  Food grade bottle compound is stripped to less
  than 10 ppb.  Offshore producers also operate in this way, to my knowledge,
  but to be fair I haven't had samples analyzed.
  The Chinese plants are mainly new and mainly Japanese large reactor
  technology.   The Taiwanese plants are home grown, but derivative of Japanese
  technology as well.  Lucky is the largest Korean producer and has French
  technology, I think.  I'm not familiar with plants in Singapore or Hong Kong.
   Vietnamese plants are still in the building stages.
  Whenever we licensed technology it was done to either US or local standards,
  whichever was most stringent.
  Hope this answers your question.
  Bill Carroll
  Chlorine Chemistry Council