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Re: another question

  In article <Pine.SUN.3.95.971104113834.24307H-100000@essential.essential
  .org>, CCHW <cchw@essential.org> writes
  >Another question:
  Has anyone out there any knowledge of a company called A.I.G. An
  American Insurance group? 
  It seem they are the backers for the property developer Redrow (the top
  housing developer in the country) here in England for a proposed housing
  estate on a old landfill site. The land is heavily contaminated and I
  would like to know if A.I.G. have been involved in any claims against
  landfill dumps, houses built on dumps etc. 
  there is to be a public inquiry into the proposal in April and any
  inform would be very helpful.
  Wishing you good health
  Ralph Ryder
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