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Re: another question

  At 11:42 AM 11/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >Another question:  Does anyone have information on dioxin in landfill
  >gases - when they are vented
  given low volatility of relatively this relatively high molecular weight
  at typical ambient temperatures, I wouldn't expect anything in landfill gases
  in the way of PCDD/PCDF emissions.   Landfill gas is obnoxious because
  of reduced sulfur compounds and volatile organic compounds that may be 
  present.   There should be relatively good information about the content
  of landfill gases in the support documents for the New Source Performance
  Standard that was enacted by EPA to control  VOC emissions from landfills.
  I'd also be concerned about emissions of biological materials (i.e. molds)
  from landfills via fugitive emissions.   Asbestos can also be an issue.
  Some old landfills received a lot of waste solvents prior to the early 1980's
  and these solvents may be emitted in landfill gases and from leachaete
  evaporation sites.
   or flared?
  I'm unaware of any emission data on PCDD/PCDF emissions from
  MSW landfill flares.   It might be possible with poor combustion 
  conditions and the presence of chlorinated solvents in landfill
  gas.   For properly designed and operated landfill gas combustors
  I'd consider this a low priority source for concern on PCDD/PCDF
  emissions where there is not a history of significant liquid solvent
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