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Re: another question

  Daniel Green from Societe pour Vaincre Pollution in Quebec Canada was in
  the media a couple of years ago with dioxin measurements from a municipal
  dump burn off in Montreal. 
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  At 02:31 PM 04/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >At 11:42 AM 11/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >>Another question:  Does anyone have information on dioxin in landfill
  >>gases - when they are vented
  >given low volatility of relatively this relatively high molecular weight
  >at typical ambient temperatures, I wouldn't expect anything in landfill gases
  >in the way of PCDD/PCDF emissions.   Landfill gas is obnoxious because
  >of reduced sulfur compounds and volatile organic compounds that may be 
  >present.   There should be relatively good information about the content
  >of landfill gases in the support documents for the New Source Performance
  >Standard that was enacted by EPA to control  VOC emissions from landfills.
  >I'd also be concerned about emissions of biological materials (i.e. molds)
  >from landfills via fugitive emissions.   Asbestos can also be an issue.
  >Some old landfills received a lot of waste solvents prior to the early 1980's
  >and these solvents may be emitted in landfill gases and from leachaete
  >evaporation sites.
  > or flared?
  >I'm unaware of any emission data on PCDD/PCDF emissions from
  >MSW landfill flares.   It might be possible with poor combustion 
  >conditions and the presence of chlorinated solvents in landfill
  >gas.   For properly designed and operated landfill gas combustors
  >I'd consider this a low priority source for concern on PCDD/PCDF
  >emissions where there is not a history of significant liquid solvent
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