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Environmental Health Conference

  Connecting with the Community in Environmental Health Studies
  Joint Conference of the International Society for Environmental
  Epidemiology and the International Society of Exposure Analysis
  Boston, 15-19 August 1998
  Abstracts due January 31, 1998
  Community health is often the focus of exposure and epidemiologic
  investigations, yet there is often a disconnection between the scientific
  process and citizens' participation.  This conference will explore the
  challenges and opportunities for researchers to achieve a better dialogue
  with community leaders and the public.  The organizing committee is
  interested in attracting community activists, as well as epidemiologists,
  exposure assessors, toxicologists, industry representatives, students, and
  federal, state, and local elected and appointed officials.
  The organizing committee is planning a diverse array of symposia on the
  conference theme and other exciting topics.  Symposia will include case
  studies from around the world that exemplify community-based approaches
  to environmental health research, environmental health hazards affecting
  women and children, assessing endocrine-disrupting chemicals, use of
  epidemiologic data in environmental rule making, the health effects of
  environmental tobacco smoke, health risks associated with drinking water
  and bathing water, environmental justice, news media and risk
  communication, and global climate change.
  On Saturday, August 15, there will be a pre-conference symposium on
  ethical issues in community interactions in environmental epidemiology.
  For further information, email: isee&isea98@jsi.com
  Mary A. Firestone
  Information Specialist
  JSI Center for Environmental Health Studies
  44 Farnsworth Street
  Boston, MA  02210-1211
  VOICE:  (617) 482-9485
  FAX:  (617) 482-0617