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CCHW Mini-Grants Program

  CCHW Mini-Grants Program
  Request for Proposals from Grassroots Groups Working To Achieve
  Environmental Justice and Protect the Health of Their Communities
  Application deadlines:
  November 15,1997 for grants that will be made by January 15,1998
  January 15, 1998 for grants that will be made by March 15, 1998
  March 15, 1998 for grants that will be made by May 15, 1998
  May 15, 1998 for grants that will be made by July 15, 1998
  With the support of the C.S. Mott Foundation, CCHW Center for Health,
  Environment and Justice is making available "mini-grants" ranging from
  $500 to $5,000.  These grants will provide funding for education and
  training for grassroots groups that are focusing on environmental health
  and justice issues.
  Who Can Apply?
  The CCHW mini-grants program welcomes all applications for funding from
  groups that are working on environmental health and justice issues and who
  need funding for education and training.  Priority for funding will be
  given to grassroots community based organizations and to coalitions and
  collaborations that include such groups.  These organizations or
  collaborations should make their decisions democratically and be led by a
  diverse group of local residents.  Applications from national
  organizations are not likely to be funded because of the limited resources
  of this program. Organizations submitting applications for funding are not
  required to be tax exempt by the IRS.
  What Will the Program Fund?
  The mini-grants program is designed to support education and training for
  grassroots environmental leaders.  For example, a mini-grant might fund:
          * The recruitment, transportation, lodging and follow-up costs of
  a weekend meeting of activists who are interested in building a regional
  coalition to work against the application of sludge to farm land.
          * The transportation, food and lodging costs for two grassroots
  community leaders to attend a national training conference that is focused
  on the issues of concern to that community.
          * The organizing, facility and follow-up costs of a one day
  meeting that brings together past and present leadership of a community
  toxics coalition to create an 18 month strategic plan for the group.
          * The organizing, implementation and follow-up costs of a one day
  statewide training event on how grassroots groups can approach community
  foundations for funding or how to conduct a membership drive.
  What Will the CCHW Mini-Grants Program Not Fund?
  The mini-grants program will not fund projects that:
         * Provide general support for an organization;
         * Include a salary or stipend for an outside consultant except
  for a modest honorarium.  Funds may be used to cover travel and lodging
  expenses for consultants;
         * Make large equipment purchases;
         * Lobby or otherwise attempt to influence legislation;
         * Attempt to influence the outcome of any specific public election,
  or directly or indirectly include voter registration; or
         * Support litigation or training on litigation.
  What Are the Eligibility Requirements?
  A group or coalition of groups must provide evidence of broad-based
  community support, strong leadership and accountability, and the ability
  to manage funds responsibly.  The project for which funding is requested
  must address the issues of environmental justice and health.  Because of
  the limited availability of funding and the emphasis on education and
  training for grassroots groups, national organizations are discouraged
  from requesting funding from the mini-grants program.  While applicants do
  not need to be tax-exempt organizations recognized by the IRS, they must
  be engaged in charitable purposes.
  Who Decides?
  A volunteer board of longtime activists, scientists and organizers with
  consultation from CCHW staff members.
  How Do You Apply?
  Send ten copies of an application letter that answers the following ten
  questions along with ten copies of:
          * A budget for the project for which you are requesting funding;
          * The current annual budget for your group;
          * A financial statement for the group that shows the most
  recently completed fiscal year's income and expenses.  If you have an
  audit, please include a copy of the most recent year's;
          * A list of your board of directors or other decision-making body
  that includes their organizational affiliations and occupations;
          * Optional materials such as a newspaper article or brochure that
  will help to explain the history or work of your group.
  Here are the ten questions you need to answer in your application letter:
          1.      What are the applicant organization's name, address,
  phone, fax, and e-mail?
          2.      What are the names, phone and fax numbers and e-mail
  addresses for two contact people?
          3.      How would you describe your organization or coalition?
  (size, reach, goals,structure, accomplishments)
          4.      What is the plan for your mini-grant project?
          If you are planning an event:
                      what will you do to recruit?
                      how will the training be carried out?
                      where and when will it happen?
          If you are going to another group's education and training event:
     	    	   how did you decide who goes from your organization? 
           	   where and when will it happen?
          	   how will the people who go share what they learned
  with the restof your group?
  	5.      What is the planned outcome of this project?  What will
  people learn?  What willthey be ready to accomplish?
  	6.      How does this project fit within the overall plan of your
  	7.      What is the total cost of this project and how much are
  you asking CCHW for?
  	8.      What additional funds and resources will you need for this
  project and where and how do you plan to obtain that funding?
  	9.      When was this project approved by your board of directors
  or other decision making body?
  	10.     Are you recognized by IRS as a tax-exempt organization?
  Address your letter to:
  Mini-Grants Program Administrator
  CCHW Center for Health, Environment and Justice
  P.O. Box 6806
  Falls Church, VA 22040
  The letter should be signed by two leaders of the organization.  These
  signers could be the identified contact people or other leaders in the
  The envelope containing the ten copies of your application letter and
  attachments must be postmarked by the application deadline to be eligible
  for funding for that cycle.  Late applications will be considered in the
  next cycle.  CCHW cannot accept e-mailed or faxed applications for
  CCHW Center for Health, Environment and Justice encourages you to use
  chlorine free alternative fiber or processed chlorine free recycled paper
  for your application and to copy on both sides.
  Please feel free to call, fax or e-mail CCHW with your questions about the
  mini-grants program.  Help us spread the word about the availability of
  funding for grassroots education and training to other organizations
  working on environmental health and justice issues.
  CCHW  Center for Health, Environment and Justice
        P.O. Box 6806  Falls Church, VA 22040
        (703) 237-2249   (703) 237-8389 (fax)