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Re: Federal Campaign Finance Information

  At 10:46 PM 10/29/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >While doing web surfing on a current project I recently
  >discovered a web site that is a search engine for federal
  >campaign finance information.  It is
  Yes, this is an amazing site.  For the Pennsylvania Environmental Network,
  I've created a guide to researching campaign contributions on the web.
  Some of it is specific to Pennsylvania, but 95% applies to federal campaign
  contribution research sites.  There are many online tools available and
  this Guide explains some of the merits of using each of them.
  The guide I wrote is at:
  It should also be viewable at
  <http://www.penweb.org/pubs/campaign_research.html>, however a couple of
  the links internal to EnviroLink may not work from that address yet.
  Mike Ewall
  Pennsylvania Environmental Network   &   Student Environmental Action
  http://www.envirolink.org/orgs/pen       http://www.seac.org