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Re: dioxin testing in milk

   Hello, Tal
  This is Jon Campbell, and I'm a dioxin activist from
  Acton, MA.
  Testing for dioxin is slightly difficult and very
  expensive, unfortunately,
  because the molecule is so non-reactive and the
  quantities of it
  are so small. There is both a popular book and two
  reports that
  have listed the amounts of dioxin in various foods.
  The popular book is "Dying From Dioxin" by Lois Gibbs.
  provides an excellent summary of  the important
  findings of
  the two dioxin reports, with excerpts of tables of
  in food, plus a layman's description of where dioxin
  from. One report is: USEPA, 1994, Estimating Exposure
  Dioxin-Like Compounds, EPA/600/6-88/005C-a,b, & c -
  external draft,
  June. This report is part of the EPA "1994 Dioxin
  The other report is by Arnold Schecter, et al, "Cogener
  levels of dioxins and dibenzofurans in U.S. food..." an
  in the journal "Environmental Health
  The EPA report is huge (in three volumes), and there
  three companion volumes on health assessment.
  I believe the EPA has not released the report publicly
  because it would cause a panic: the amount in dioxin
  in an ordinary 100-gram hamburger is 300 times the
  "acceptable" amount listed in the Health Assessment.
  I hope this is useful to you. Also, check out my
  Website at
  http://www.cqs.com for more information
  Jon Campbell
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  From: talia l javid <taliaj@juno.com>
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  Date: Saturday, August 09, 1997 6:31 PM
  Subject: dioxin testing in milk
  i am doing a report/experiments on dioxin for school.
  is there any way,
  or is it impossible to test dioxin amounts in different
  brands of milk
  (or meat or anything)?  any information on this would
  help me big time!
  my e-mail address is  taliaj@juno.com