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Re: dioxin testing in milk

  talia l javid wrote:
  > i am doing a report/experiments on dioxin for school.  is there any
  > way,
  > or is it impossible to test dioxin amounts in different brands of milk
  > (or meat or anything)?  any information on this would help me big
  > time!
  > my e-mail address is  taliaj@juno.com
  > thanks!!!
  > tal
     Tal, you may be able to get Xenobiotic Detection Systems to do some
  of this testing for you for a little less $$ (but quite possibly still
  too much for a school project).  Their test is different from
  traditional methods - it gives a measure of the total dioxin and
  dioxin-like compound toxicity, but it is not able to provide you with
  information on the quantities of each specific congener of dioxin.
  Also, their methods are still in the approval process with the EPA;
  therefore, their test is ok for research today, but won't be able to be
  used for compliance purposes for a few more months.
  Check out their www site at http://www.mindspring.com/~dioxins
  Or call them at 1-888-DIOXINS
  Bradford B. Newton
  Kenan-Flagler Business School