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Re: Carolina Solite

  <<since when do trial burns 
  take so long to complete, unless you are trying to delay issuing the 
  results or doctor their interpretation>>
  Last year at Dioxin '96 I presented a paper on dioxin in products and
  wastewater from EDC/VCM/PVC facilities.  Greenpeace's response was "of course
  there's no dioxin there, industry LOOKED there."  I noted at the conference
  that we were doing stacks and wastewater treatment sludge and I expected to
  present that data at Dioxin '97.  I still expect to, and I expect to have the
  data available for the Reassessment.
  I am also relatively sure that the results--not doctored, by the way, but I
  appreciate the pun--will not please Charlie Cray.
  (Dr.) Bill Carroll
  Chlorine Chemistry Council