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Re: Carolina Solite

  > Maybe instead of making vague insinuations you can provide 
  > some details of your critique of our "Dioxin Factories 
  > Expose," since you suggest it's "close to out and out libel"
  > ...where is the evidence of "hard work" among the state and 
  > federal agencies which oversee those facilities?  
  First, Carolina Solite
  First and foremost, I'll have any level of discussion with you on any
  subject, but the real effort needed is to help Joann Almond against
  Carolina Solite, a BIF hazardous waste incinerator.  She has been in
  the middle of slap suits, a court appearance Monday for another.  The
  plant she has been actively working against has a clear history of
  violations, and that plant has now been ordered to shut down because of
  a clear permit violation.  Solite has a 30-60 window for appealing this
  decision by the State of NC.  
  This is the best window of opportunity for assisting this local group
  and I dearly hope one of the best funded environmental groups can
  assist her in this matter.  I will leave it to you to forward to the
  responsible parties within Greenpeace.
  cc by email to Mr. Cray
  Second, let us start a new thread "Dioxin Sources."  Keep us sane,
  subject focused, and we can hash out to our collective heart's content.
  Sam McClintock