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let's build a unified movement, not fight each other

  Re: Greenpeace's work:
  I tend to agree with Charlie, and I think this needs to
  be a public discussion. If there is something wrong
  technically with a report, we need to discuss it and
  fix it, not accuse organizations of bending the truth.
  Greenpeace's work, to date, has been pretty exemplary,
  and they are in the trenches against the most powerful
  companies in the world. (Note that when the EEU objected
  to importing Roundup Ready Soybean from Monsanto,
  Greenpeace activists
  put their lives on the lines to collect the samples and
  get them analyzed from the "dioxin factories
  "; nobody
  talks too much about that. If there is something really
  wrong with the report, we need to fix it, because anything
  we say that can be discredited hurts all of us. (I frankly
  think that their report will stand up to criticism...)
  As for government work to help the community: while
  there are a large number of well-meaning people in
  the government who really want their agencies to
  do the right thing (example: William Sanjour), it should
  be obvious to most people that the EPA's role is
  to instutionalize the status quo and guarantee the
  viability of the chemical and industrial giants.
  Please, please, please, folks, lets work together to
  fight our real adversaries, not each other...
  We need a mass movement against toxic exposure,
  not people criticizing each other for mistakes...
  And, I might add, don't put anything into an Internet
  mail message that you would not put on an open
  postcard. Your mail can be read by our adversaries,
  and probably is, unless you use PGP encryption.
  Just my 2c...
  Jon Campbell