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xanthene <--> listnames

  i thought i had 2 responses to the idea of combining endocrine disruptin
  lists, but it looks like i deleted one by mistake.  both were sent to bad
  dioxin-l addresses, so i am reposting the one i still have, below.  the
  other was in support of the idea too (i think).
  to respond to jackie's question, i was thinking of a combined, open list.
  but obviously, a closed list, or even an email address book grouping, is
  necessary on various occassions.  all other needs--giving info or looking
  for info--are improved by a bigger, open list ... i think!
  tony tweedale
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  From: Jackie Hunt Christensen <jchristensen@igc.apc.org>
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  Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 07:46:14 -0600
  In principle, I support the idea of combining the 3 lists but I would
  caution against merely merging the addresses. The dioxin-l list is open
  (hi, Dr. Bill!) and we need to evaluate if that  is the sort of arrangement
  we want. CLosed lists allow for more frank discussion but can be a pain to
  administer, depending upon their size. What exactly did you have in mind?
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