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Re: More or Less Dioxin??? (was Re: Dioxin Sources

  Accept it or not, the data's the data.  Numerous studies of environmental
  samples like lake core sediments, herbage, soils and even human tissues like
  fat and breast milk show a consistent picture.  The amount of the reduction
  over time varies from sample to sample but the shape of the curve is the
  same.  A good summary is Allcock and Jones ES&T 30,3133 (1996) but there are
  others including a couple from Dioxin '96.  The data doesn't depend on a
  measurement of emissions by source as the Hites work you reference, it looks
  at deposition in the environment and probably gives a better relative look.
   Hites himself did some of the first work on this kind of sampling (Accts
  Chem Res 23, 194 (1990), reproduced by Thomas & Spiro ES&T 30, 82A (1996)).
  Why is this bad news?  The world isn't perfect, but it's better.  I think
  that's good.
  Bill Carroll
  Chlorine Chemistry Council