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Microsoft hearing set for Dec 5

  Tuesday October 28 8:31 PM EST 
  Microsoft hearing set for Dec 5
  WASHINGTON, Oct 28 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp (MSFT) and the Justice
  Department will face off again before U.S.
  District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson on Dec 5. 
  Jackson ordered Microsoft to respond in writing to government
  allegations on Nov 10. The government must respond by Nov 20, and the
  two sides will appear before him at 1330 EST (1830 GMT) on Dec 5. 
  The government has charged that Microsoft violated a 1995 consent decree
  by forcing PC makers to feature its Internet Explorer Web browser over
  the products of rival Netscape Communications Corp (NSCP). 
  In the decree, Microsoft agreed not to tie the purchase of one product
  to another but retained the right to develop new, integrated products.