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Antitrust Bill of Rights (3)

          The following is item #3 in my "model" Antitrust Bill of Rights.
  Again, my journal (below) will be publishing a variety of national
  antimonopoly policy programs and welcomes alternative versions, both to help
  the 60 countries that already have such policies to improve them and to
  encourage the other 140 to adopt the best as they begin to draft their own.
                                                           BILL OF RIGHTS
          3.  Monopolies, by concentrating the ownership of an industry or
  market into the hands of one or a few wealthy and powerful individuals or
  organizations, are inconsistent with the national goal of maximizing the
  number of efficient, wealth- generating family enterprises.  They exclude
  others, inflate costs and prices, reduce output and jobs, suppress
  innovation, and redistribute income and wealth from the many to the few,
  thus slowing or preventing the development of a strong middle class and a
  widely-shared national prosperity.  Accordingly, aside from patents and
  other such specific statutory exceptions, it is the policy of this Nation to
  protect the right of every enterprise owner to compete in a monopoly-free
  market, and of every consumer to buy in one, and upon complaint by either to
  the Antimonopoly Authority, any such monopoly shall be forthwith dissolved.
                  Charles Mueller, Editor