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O/S market share

  Jamie wrote:
  >I agree with Michael Ward that the government should be cautious in
  >interfering with issues relating to product definition, particularly in
  >an area like software, where one sees so much innovation.  However, I
  >would not foreclose government intervention, and the Microsoft case with
  >the Browser is one area we think intervention is needed.  Microsoft is a
  >firm that controls the OS for about 90 percent of the world's PCs, the
  This 90 percent is deceptive because it includes unix and linux systems,
  which are not readily available to consumers in retail outlets.  NetAction's
  recent study found that Microsoft's o/s actually controls 100% of the retail
  consumer market for IBM compatible computers.  Apple, which is the only
  alternative in this market, has continued to decline in market share.  And
  Microsoft is attempting to replace unix with the NT, so even the business
  market may be threatened. 
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