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Re: Japan Microsoft Investigation

  There is a wealth of information re US v. Microsoft at:
  Howard Knopf
  Perley-Robertson, Panet, Hill & McDougall
  90 Sparks St.
  Ottawa, Canada
  Phone: 613-566-2820 or
  E-Mail: knopfh@perlaw.ca,hknopf@magmacom.com
  WebSite: http://www.perlaw.ca
  HIDAKA, Kazuaki wrote:
  > (5) Could you
  > tell me the website where DOJ reportedly made publicly available
  > Thirsday depositions by people of five PC makers, including Compaq,
  > Gateway 2000 and Micron Technology, and a June 1996 letter of MS to
  > Compaq? I think these questions are ones which many Japanese
  > intersted people, including me, certainly have.
  > Sincerely yours,
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  > Kazuaki Hidaka
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