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Re: Win98/IE4.0

  On Mon, 22 Dec 1997 20:52:52 -0500 (EST), Mark Hinds wrote:
  >I'm just back from Costco and found to my amazement a 'Beta' copy of
  >Win98 including IE4.0
  >for $20. Rather than hunt down the text of the various agreements for
  >myself I will simply
  >ask this of the list. Is not MS precluded by the current order from
  >bundling Browsers with
  >Win95 derivatives, and isn't Beta Win98 + IE4.0 just such a bundle?
       Actually I don't think it's a 'done deal' yet, but we'll see soon
  enough I guess.  But no matter what the final outcome is I don't
  believe a beta copy would be covered by the Judge's current restraining
  order.  I believe we'll have to wait for the GA version before this
  issue gets tested, if at all.
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